What to do if you don’t want AI tracking your data

Tenisha Griggs is a tech expert who knows the ins and outs of where artificial intelligence is heading in the near future. With people having concerns and others trying to jump on the bandwagon of tech, Griggs has the keys and tips to help others feel comfortable using AI.

Griggs spoke with rolling out about the future of AI, how to use it, and some of the main concerns.

What should people be thinking about with the future of AI?

I think we should look forward to AI and what it can do for us. When I hear people say, “Hey, I’m not using AI,” and I start telling them the ways in which AI is being used to help them with their user experience on their phone, everyone who has a device or interfaces with technology is engaging with AI in some way already, It’s just to the capacity or what degree. even now with Google and Google search, before it would just heavily rely on indexing articles and keyword searches, but now you go on Google search and the first search query is generative AI and they kind of predict what type of response you want.

If you think about it, you’re like this is a much better improvement to my experience of searching that you’re predicting based on all my searches before, of what I’m thinking or what I want. I think it’s really important for us to lean in so that we can just have better user experiences with technology, and we can think about technology in a different way that can help us get to where we want faster and get to the information we want faster.

What is one way that AI can help us that we might not have noticed?

We’re going to get wherever we want faster with AI. You can take a template of a well-crafted resume and then you can say “Hey, my resume is not that well-designed, the layouts aren’t that good. Make my resume look like this one, but put my information in there,” and boom, you already have a newly formatted resume. So just being able to use it for creative savvy ways to help you save time, it’s probably one of the easiest use cases right now for people that are saying “How can I use it to save time for things that are more manual or laborious for me to do?”

What are the main concerns that you hear from people about AI?

The biggest concern and typical question I get is about privacy and governance. People are like, “I’m scared of AI using all of my data.” Facebook and Google did that a long time ago, that ship has sailed. So if you don’t want any apps, or any technology tracking your data,  just take your phone and throw it in the trash, because these apps are acquiring your data on every search that you make. That’s what advertisers use to be able to target you. It’s no coincidence that you’re talking about green frogs, and then green frog house shoes come up as an ad on YouTube.

Advertisers and technology are already using your data, AI just allows you to use data at a much larger scale to help make predictions and to hope give you access to more data at a faster rate.

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