The ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Cast Has Changed A Lot: Then and Now Photos

Snowbird Brown

Snowbird was already legally an adult at 18 years old when the show started. Bird was the last of her family to join social media, now boasting an Instagram profile with more than 139,000 followers.

The reality TV alum runs an Etsy shop, SnowBirdCrafts, where she sells hand-crafted earrings, candle holders and more.

Snowbird went public with a cancer scare during season 14 of Alaskan Bush People, which premiered in 2022. After experiencing abdominal pain, Bird’s family forced her to see a doctor — where she learned that she had a large cystic tumor that was taking up her entire abdomen. Bird underwent surgery to remove two large tumors, but the procedures were not captured by reality TV cameras due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The doctor reassured Bird that she did not have cancer, but cautioned that there is a greater than 50 percent chance of cancer or the tumor returning in the future.

In April 2024, Bird shared a health update regarding her condition with fans. “I have some tests coming up just to make sure they haven’t come back but so far they haven’t, then I have my six-month appointment with my main doctor,” she told her Instagram followers. “I also have some blood work and a couple of other tests coming up, just to make sure nothing has come back but hopefully it hasn’t.”

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