Spiritual Journey Home by Boeing 747

Hajj Flight 2: Spiritual Journey Home by Boeing 747

Join me on a “once-a-lifetime” experience to fly with Hajj pilgrims back home on Stage 2 of Hajj Flight.

I started my journey flying on an “empty” Boeing 747-400 from Fujairah, UAE to Madinah, Saudi Arabia. This is the beginning of stage 2 of Hajj Flight which takes pilgrims back to their home country after Hajj. It was a “surreal” experience to have the entire Boeing 747 to myself on the ferry flight.

After arrival at Madinah, Garuda Indonesia Hajj crew joined our flight and preparation went underway. The temperature in Madinah was too hot for the fully loaded 747 to take off on time. We have to wait for the temperature to cool down. The boarding took over an hour as most passengers were elderly pilgrims who needed assistance. There was a sea of incoming passengers; tired but happy to go home peacefully.

We eventually departed 2 hours behind the schedule once the temperature cooled down. Our destination is Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia. During the flight, many Hajj pilgrims changed into their celebration costumes and it is unique to the Makassar culture. Several onboard prayers were also performed. The Hajj tour leader explained what they achieved in their pilgrimage. The pilgrim has a profound feeling of having undergone a life-transforming spiritual experience.

Flying with all the pilgrims on their journey home was an absolute honor. A meaningful flight filled with great humanity and joyous moments! It is truly beyond words to describe the feeling when the pilgrims arrived at home.

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