Kim Kardashian Gives Gypsy Rose Advice About Future

Kim Kardashian’s first meeting with Gypsy Rose Blanchard was documented on the Thursday, July 11, episode of The Kardashians. Kim flew to New Orleans to meet with Gypsy shortly after the Louisiana native’s release from prison.

“I want to see what she wants to do with prison reform,” Kim, 43, explained. “I heard she wants to get [into] it and I can guide her exactly where to go and how she can help.”

First, the women got to know each other, with Kim asking Gypsy, 32, basic questions like, “What was the first meal you had when you got out?” Gypsy revealed that she tried steak for the first time when she was released from behind bars in December 2023 after serving an 8-year prison sentence for her involvement in her mom’s 2015 murder.

Gypsy plotted with her then-boyfriend, Nick Godejohn, to kill Dee Dee Blanchard after years of suffering abuse at her hands. “When I was going through what I was going through, nobody ever talked about Munchausen by proxy,” Gypsy explained. “No one was ever a guiding light for me. I look back on things I could’ve done differently and the one thing people always ask me is, ‘Why didn’t you just stand up? Why didn’t you call the police?’ And this, that and the other.”

Kim asked whether Gypsy ever told her father, who was divorced from Dee Dee, what was going on. “I didn’t even know his phone number,” the former inmate admitted. “My mom literally had put a block on our relationship. She created a fake Facebook account, as me, talking to him. Looking back on it, I’m like, I could’ve done things a lot differently and it would’ve ended with my mother being in prison. Did she deserve prison? Yes.”

In a confessional, the Skims founder explained why she wanted to support Gypsy. “I know it’s, like, a controversial subject, I think, when people want to help people that were involved with something so violent,” she shared. “But I do believe people should have second chances in life and I take her entire background into consideration. It’s crazy not to.”

She also told Gypsy, “I think you can make such an impact on young people that might not know how to get out. I’ve seen people – not as horrific situations as you’ve been in – but I’ve heard amazing, triumphant stories of people who have lived such an amazing life once they got out of their situation.”

Gypsy then explained that she was struggling with some aspects of being in the spotlight after her time in prison. “I know I did something wrong,” she said. “I paid my consequences. But I feel like half of everybody still wants to condemn me and the other half is rooting for me. I post a selfie, but I’m expected to have this greater message behind it.”

As someone who spends a lot of time on social media, Kim had great advice to offer on the subject. “Sometimes you have to just post and ghost and not pay attention to all the comments and what’s being said,” she laughed. “Because not everything has to be such a deep message. I think the way you live your life moving forward is the deep message. That’s what I was so excited to talk to you about because you’ve been through hell and back.”

Gypsy then opened up about why she was so passionate about getting involved in prison reform. “When I got to prison, I asked them if I could get therapy and really deal with the trauma that I went through,” she shared. “I received a notice that I didn’t qualify for one-on-one therapy.” She also said that she was having trouble with her living situation because she wasn’t able to pass a background check to sign an apartment lease.

Kim said it “blew her mind” that Gypsy was denied access to a therapist. “[It’s] a problem,” the Hulu star said. “Ultimately we want to bring people home that are rehabilitated and how can we do that if it doesn’t start with giving them the tools and therapy that they need to do that?” She also vowed to introduce Gypsy to people who would help guide her in the right direction so she could help others dealing with a similar situation.

“I think you have such an important future to help so many people,” Kim gushed. She added in her confessional, “I think she’s a perfect person to talk to a younger generation, so hopefully with her help we can try and bring therapy into more prisons and try to change the way the system operates. I hope that Gypsy just follows her heart. I hope she heals, first and foremost, and I hope that she just follows her path of wanting to help other people.”

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