Japanese people are marrying their best friends, and Americans love the idea

Americans are looking to ditch relationships for an unusual approach to marriage after a relationship expert revealed the latest trend for high-earning educated singles in Japan.

With morally questionable prenups and waves of red flags to wade through, marriage is difficult before you’ve even arrived at the altar. Even then, astronomically high divorce rates suggest your marriage will ultimately fail, which is exactly why Japanese singles are mixing up tradition.

Japenese singles are marrying their friends

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Despite experts offering handy advice for keeping your marriage healthy, you might be better off doing away with a romantic partner for one based on friendship.

Amy Chan (@Missamychan), a breakup expert and author, boasts over 109k followers on TikTok where she posts helpful advice, juicy stories, and the latest research surrounding the world of dating. In her latest clip, she spoke about a rising trend in Japan and how it could make its way to the US.

“This is a legal union, just like a marriage, but instead of prioritizing romance, it prioritizes companionship and friendship,” she said. “Marriage rates in Japan are declining, and young people are now choosing to marry their best friends.”

If you’re wondering why you’d want to marry your friend, then you need only look at the tax breaks you receive as a married couple. Amy also said that married friends also experience higher levels of societal acceptance.

Though each friendship marriage is different, the breakup expert said that some choose to have kids and move in together, while others live in separate homes without an exclusivity clause.

It’s catching on already

Love heart
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Concluding the video, Amy questioned whether the trend could catch on in the Western world, triggering an affirmative from Americans in the comments.

“Literally the only way I’m getting married,” one person quipped, as another said, “Yes, 1000% would marry my best friend bc she’s the funniest and kindest person on earth.”

Another wrote: “Approaching this arrangement practically versus relying on ‘love’ as the primary focus seems like what this generation needs, sign me up.”

Considering the fact that divorce lawyers are now sharing the top reasons marriages fail, hitching to your bestie might be the best course of action.

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