Hip-hop icons Cypress Hill set to make 1996 Simpsons joke come true

The show The Simpsons has become notorious for some of its episodes and jokes becoming eerily accurate. After a joke in a 1996 episode, the London Symphony Orchestra are to play Cypress Hill’s Black Sunday album at Royal Albert Hall.


The long-running series The Simpsons has built a reputation over the years for predicting the future

Matt Groening’s animated sitcom has become notorious for some of its episodes and jokes becoming eerily accurate, in what some choose to believe is a stranger-than-fiction power of “prediction”. 

Adhere to this or not, there’s no arguing with the fact that tonight (Wednesday 10 July), one of their soothsaying moments becomes a reality…  

Indeed, nearly 30 years after the show predicted it, Cypress Hill are set to share a stage with the London Symphony Orchestra.  

The joke harks back to a 1996 episode titled ‘Homerpalooza’, which saw Homer join the fictional travelling music festival ‘Hullabalooza’. It included a banana-skinned roadie claiming the members of hip-hop outfit Cypress Hill “ordered the London Symphony Orchestra” while high and therefore must perform with them. 

Check out the moment below:

In April 2023, Cypress Hill responded to an Instagram Reel of their Simpson’s cameo saying they plan to “make the gig with the London Symphony a reality.” 

And now, the show’s art-anticipating-life precognitive powers come full circle, with the iconic hip-hop band set to perform at the Royal Albert Hall tonight with the London Symphony Orchestra.  

According to the website, the LSO will be performing hits from the hip-hop collective’s extensive back-catalogue, their revered album Black Sunday, as well as unique orchestral arrangements of Cypress Hill’s most iconic songs including ‘Insane in the Brain’ and ‘I Wanna Get High’. 

The band have admitted performing a show at the Royal Albert Hall with the London Symphony Orchestra is “probably one of the biggest moments” for them. 

“We’ve done some pretty damn big gigs, but this is with some of the best musicians in the world. So, yeah, we’re excited,” band member B-Real told Sky News.

“We’ve played a lot of historical venues throughout our 32 years of making music… this is one of the places that as a hip-hop artist, you don’t expect… so that’s another thing we’re honoured by, is that we’re not only playing with the LSO, but we’re playing in their house – the most prestigious place to play.” 

He added: “We feel confident that on our end we’re definitely ready to deliver. And we know these are the elite musicians of the world, so we know they’ll be ready.” 

In case you doubt The Simpsons and its future predictions,check out our list of the show’s most prescient prognostications, including foreseeing Donald Trump’s presidency, Disney buying 20th Century Fox, the outrage surrounding Michelangelo’s statue of David, and most recently, the launch of Apple Vision Pro. 

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