Foods High In Omega-6 You Should Avoid Eating Every Day

You’ll find omega-6s in many types of cooking oil. Some might sound healthy, but they aren’t in terms of cooling inflammation. Sunflower oil is used to make potato chips and some cookies, and it’s relatively low in saturated fat. However, it has an omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of 775 to 1. Some fried foods, packaged foods, and desserts are made with soybean oil, which isn’t so bad with a ratio of 7.4 to 1. However, check the ingredients for hydrogenated soybean and palm oil because these oils jack up the omega-6 ratio to 22. Corn oil has an omega-6 ratio of 45 to 1.

It might not be a surprise to know that many meats have more omega-6 to omega-3. Think about your pizza toppings. Even though a kielbasa sausage has some omega-3s, its ratio is 15 to 1. Pepperoni comes in with 22 times more omega-6, and ham has 30. Even chicken has a ratio of 23.

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