AZTLAN Equity Management Lists an ETF on the Lima Stock Exchange

AZTLAN Equity Management, a boutique investment fund management firm specializing in strategy development and global stock selection, has announced a strategic alliance with the Peruvian firm Belo Partners. This partnership enabled the registration of the ETF Aztlan Global Stock Selection DM SMID on the Lima Stock Exchange, Peru.

With an initial price of 21.50 dollars per share, it can now be purchased by local investors through any Brokerage Firm (SAB).

“The AZTD ETF from AZTLAN is a unique rule-based strategy that selects the 27 highest-ranked companies based on fundamental factors. It uses a proprietary quantitative model with six factors, including cash flow generation, valuations, earnings growth, quality of capital structure, earnings revisions, and stock price momentum,” the firm explained in a statement.

The fund’s stock selections represent companies in developed markets in North America, Western Europe, and Asia, with stock market capitalizations ranging from 500 million to 10 billion dollars.

In 2022, the Aztlan Global Stock Selection DM SMID (AZTD) ETF was first listed in the U.S. market through the New York Stock Exchange and subsequently in the SIC through the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV). Its portfolio comprises small and mid-cap companies with high market liquidity and superior business fundamentals, including free cash flow, profitability, and attractive valuations. Currently, the AUMs (Assets Under Management) of this ETF exceed 30 million dollars.

“We are very proud to enter the Peruvian stock market with our funds, thanks to the efforts of our commercial partner Belo Partners. Listing our AZTD ETF demonstrates our commitment to creating value alliances that benefit the broad investing public,” highlighted Alejandro H. Garza Salazar, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of AZTLAN Equity Management, LLC.

AZTLAN Equity Management, LLC is a boutique portfolio and investment fund management firm specializing in strategy development and global stock selection. Over seven years, AZTLAN has established its presence in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, and Hong Kong.

Belo Partners is a Peruvian firm with experience in banking and financial institutions, providing advisory services in wholesale sales, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate advisory with the goal of utilizing all available resources and reinforcing alliances with partners and clients.

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