5 Best Water Flossers for a Deep Dental Clean in 2024

Editor Tip: You can use this water flosser in the shower, which would take your everything shower to an entirely new dimension.

Key Specs: 2 flosser tips, USB charging cable, 3 intensity levels, 2 flossing modes, 14-day battery life, ADA approved.

Best Deal: Amazon Basics HydroClean Cordless Water Flosser

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics HydroClean Cordless Water Flosser

Why It’s Worth It: There’s no basic like an Amazon basic. Thus, the Amazon Basics HydroClean Cordless Water Flosser is an excellent, affordable option for people looking to try water flossing for the first time or water flosser lovers shopping for their first cordless option. It’s easy to clean and portable, and the flexible tip makes tricky spots easier to reach.

Editor Tip: This battery-powered model is a good choice if you lack bathroom counter space or an easy-access outlet for USB charging.

Key Specs: 2 pressure settings, battery-powered (AA), 360-degree rotating tip, 30 seconds of water capacity, ADA-approved

Best Battery Life: Burst Water Flosser

Why It’s Worth It: Whether you use the Burst Water Flosser instead of string floss or in addition, you’ll appreciate the super clean feeling it helps you achieve and how it feels in your hand. The water stream is strong but not painful, the rotating tip handles plaque all over, and one overnight charge lasts 80 days. It’s easy to fill but still water-resistant in case you turn the faucet on a little too fast. Oh, and it also comes with a silky gray travel bag.

Editor Tip: The brand recommends filling the tank with lukewarm or warm water for the most comfortable flossing experience.

Key Specs: 1 flosser tip, 3 pulse settings, 360-degree rotation, USB rechargeable, 80-day battery life, travel case included

Frequently Asked Questions

What do water flossers do?

Water flossers are an equally effective alternative to standard string floss, but rather than a piece of nylon or Teflon thread, they use a stream of water to clean in between your teeth. Chrystle Cu, DDS, a board-certified dentist in San Mateo, California, and Cocofloss founder spoke to Allure to explain how these tools do their thing. “These electronic devices shoot out a powerful stream of water that you can use to clean between your teeth and along your gumline,” says Dr. Cu. “They can take some getting used to and can be messy. For some people, they provide a good alternative to string floss — as long as you use them correctly.”

Who are water flossers best for?

Traditional floss may not work for everyone, and water flossers are a fantastic alternative. “Water flossers are especially great for [people who have] multi-unit dental restorations like bridges and implant-supported dentures with large areas of food impaction,” says Dr. Cu. They can also be helpful for people with manual dexterity issues or people with orthodontia like braces for whom using traditional floss is a struggle.

Are there any other flossing alternatives?

Dr. Cu is also a proponent of a third flossing option: interdental brushes. “Interdental brushes are itty-bitty cylindrical brushes with a handle and 360 degrees of bristles, kind of like a micro bottle brush,” she explains. “These scrubby floss alternatives can be especially helpful if you have trouble flossing or if you have larger gaps between your teeth due to gum recession.” No matter how you choose to floss, water, string, or interdental, it’s critical to do so before you use your toothbrush.

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