29 Elegant Nordstrom Finds to Wear When It’s 90+ Degrees

I’ve just survived quite the heat wave in New York, and I swear it changed me. Every time I step outside now and feel a nice breeze, I take a deep breath and feel the ultimate sense of gratitude. When temperatures soar above 90°, dressing elegantly can be a challenge. During the heat wave, I found myself on one particular day just wearing activewear the entire day since I knew I would be sweating up a storm all day long.

On the next day, I chose a linen dress and was able to make that work. Lightweight and breathable fabrics are the perfect place to start, but there’s even more shopping you can do to prepare yourself best for hot weather. I’m convinced that you can maintain an elegant appearance even in the most sweltering conditions, and these Nordstrom buys are about to be on your team.

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